Shaker Dryer Auger Stuck or Not Moving

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If your shaker dryer's auger is not moving why is this a problem? Well first off, it won't apply the powder, meaning that any prints you do will not stick to the film.  You need to get the auger moving, and here is how you do it.   

  1. Completely vacuum out the bottom of the dryer.
  2. Next, take a wire and try an get underneath the auger to break up any powder that has condensed from moisture.  This will often form chunks, which stops the auger from moving.  
  3. Remove the side panel doors and clean out the side channels. 
  4. The next thing to check are the two stainless clip covers, or brackets that cover the auger in the bottom of the dryer, one on the left and one on the right.  
  5. Unbolt one side of the bracket and push it back to gain access to underneath it. Once opened up you will see a gap between the wall and the end of the auger. Powder gets stuck here too causing the auger to stop moving.  
  6. Check both sides and clear any blockages.
  7.  Turn the power on and off about nine times.  Each time you turn on your power, this will get the auger to turn and activate.  Your auger will start to turn about 1/8th of an inch. Every time you power up the dryer the cycle timer starts and the auger should start to turn another 1/8th of an inch or so 1/8th of a full rotation.  

For more information, ere is a video to help in cleaning:  

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