White or Color Ink not printing well

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Sometimes you might find that the file your printing seems duller or has lost some color

vividness or the color has changed from a prior print you have printed. In addition you also may see that the white layer is thinner or banding. If you have lost one of the 4 CMYK nozzles on the head, the color may change because one of the CMYK is missing or less

than it should be, resulting in a color change from prior printing.

These are all results of the CAP and or HEAD not having enough ink to print the images well enough. The cap controls the pulling of the ink through the system. If the caps are dirty or clogged then this should be the 1st thing you check.

1. Feel the cap lips around the top of the cap. If these edges feel rough or look uneven on one side, then the CAP needs to be replaced. The seal will no longer work with a bad cap.

2.  If the edges are smooth, then the CAP may need to be cleaned out. Power off the printer, open the small door below the head carriage. Lower ( Turn Left) the capping station using the knob, all the way down. Slide the head carriage to the left over the deck

area to get access to the caps. Leave in this position for now.

Next fill each cap with super hot water, and let stand in the caps for 20 minutes to help loosen the ink stuck in the cap and lines below.

After 20 minutes, go to the waste bottle and pull out the line for either CMYK, White or Adhesive and attach your syringe to one of these lines. Start pulling on the syringe, this will empty the caps of all fluids. Your manually draining the cap, lines, vacuum and waste lines all at the same time, flushing the cap. Do this to each line from the waste bucket.

This should clear any blockages in the cap. Maybe repeat this process a few times in order

to fully flush out the caps.

3. Caps are now clear, lets get the head working again. Place hot water, or blue or clear colored head cleaner, or Windex into the caps and overflow each cap a bit. Send the head to home and reseat. Let stand and soak for 20-30 minutes.

Once soaked, run and ink load or ink pump on all heads to evacuate the cap contents and then reload ink back into the head and cap. Run for around 30-40 seconds.

When ink load is done, run 1 ONLY weak clean on all heads. Then try the CHECK or color test to see if the color and or white have gotten any better. Again you may have to repeat this a few times to get the best results.

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