How Do I Unclog The Shaker Dryer Unit?

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This video explains where to clean. 

Understanding the Shaker Dryer Unit

The photos and illustrations below explain more in detail the locations of a possible clog. You should have between 1.5 or 2.0 kilos of powder in the bottom of your dryer. This should be enough to cover the auger slightly. You need enough powder to drop inside the auger's grooves in order for the auger turning cycle to push the powder to the end of the auger and then drop down into the side channels to be pushed upward by the fans to the crossbar for the powder drop. The auger will automatically turn every 6-7 seconds, for 1 cycle turn. It pushes the powder slowly to the auger's edges and keeps providing more powder every 6-7 seconds, per drop. If you want to add more powder, do so by adding it to the film bead, in the center of the film in the dryer dip.

This way the flapper works is like this. The flapper will vibrate the film and the powder will evenly distribute itself across the film. The powder drops off the edges of the film onto the lower chamber, where the auger resides which allows more powder to get pushed back up through the system.

After you remove the side covers to clean out the crossbar and auger feed openings, look 
towards the bottom area of the opening square. This square allows powder to be pushed. It has a vertical opening in its roof. So as you are looking into the opening, inside and up is the blow-up opening. You need to take a hooked tool like a dentist scraper or a wire hanger and bend at 90 degrees to make a hook-like end. Try to get into the top of the opening where the hole resides.
There is a 1/4-inch wide opening up inside the tunnel that also needs to be cleaned out.
This may be what is preventing the powder from rising up to the crossbar.

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