Excess Powder in the Bottom of the Shaker Dryer Unit

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Problem Description: 

There appears to be a lot of powder in the bottom of the shaker dryer unit and it doesn't seem to be going back into the cycle.  What is causing this, and how do I fix it?


The shaker dryer and side channels need to be cleaned out and unclogged.  You will also need to make sure that the auger moves.  The auger is the horizonal screw piece in the bottom of the shaker dryer.  If the augur stops moving because it is jammed or clogged, it won't redistribute the powder to the sides to be run back through the process.  

  1. Vacuum out all of the powder in the bottom of the shaker dryer. 
  2. Next press the red stop button and cycle the power off then back on, this should activate the auger.
  3. Make sure the auger is moving. If not,  try and get a wire and break loose any compacted powder underneath the auger screw piece. Sometime powder will get stuck here and stop the auger from moving. 
  4. In addition there are 2 stainless clip guard covers on the bottom left and right sides of the auger. Unbolt only one  side. Push the bracket back and check the gap between the wall and the end of the auger. Sometimes powder will get compacted in the gap and cause the auger to stop moving here as well. Check both sides.

For more information, here is a video to explain how to do the auger cleaning: 


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