Scrubber or Vacuum Unit Maintenance

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Each dryer comes with a Scrubber or a vacuum unit. Here are some tips and some guidelines for keeping the unit clean and running well.

In order for the Scrubber to have enough pulling power to evacuate the exhaust properly, it must be turned up to the highest setting. Lower settings may cause dust in the environment, due to not having enough suction to pull all of the exhaust from the dryer.

The items below are all available to order in for replacement by your dealer.

Exhaust Tube

The first thing to keep clean is the black exhaust hose that connects to the scrubber.

To clean this, remove the hose from the dryer and scrubber lid and then straighten out

the hose. Spray out the inside with hot water, or place a damp rag with alcohol into one end and use a long tool to push the rag from one end through to the other end. Try to remove as much residue as possible.

Cotton Filter Sets

The next thing to keep clean is the top cotton filters in the top of the Scrubber. Open the top lid and you will see 2-3 cotton filters. These are disposable and should be replaced every 30-40 days depending on visual inspection or longer run times. This is  the 1st line of filtering in place and should catch any residue or excess power from the dryer exhaust.

H.E.P.A Filter Set : Removable

The next thing to keep clean is the HEPA Filter that is removable and sits by itself.

This filter ca be taken out and blown off from powder. This filter should be clean and remain this way. If it has build up of residue then order in a replacement.

H.E.P.A Filter Set : Box Removable

The next thing to keep clean is the HEPA Filter and Box Set that is also removable and sits 

inside a red box. This filter box can be taken out and blown off from powder. If it has build up of residue then order in a replacement box and filter.

Overall Cleaning 

The last thing for the system to work properly and not have any electrical failures is to

wipe down the Scrubber Shell. Wipe off any and all surfaces inside the walls of the Scrubber unit. Often times the residue, if the top filters are not changed out, often will cause the inside walls to build up residue. Try to keep this cleaned out once a month to be safe and not have any spillage on the floor or through the vents on the sides of the Scrubber.

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