How Do I Install the Inedit NeoStampa10 Software?

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Thank you for your interest in  RIP software from Inedit NetNeoStampa10.

This a brand new software that you can install a free 30 day trial for testing and use. 
In our testing of the software we are finding that this software works better with CMYK and RGB image compatibility modes and printing the right colors out. Unlike Flexi, this software has the ability to use direct CMYK and RGB values when printing, thus printing a more accurate and vibrant color match in most cases. Unlike the Flexi program where there is a color conversion, this software has no color conversion and true colors are printed with true RGB or CMYK values. 

We have had some success in better color matching and output using this latest software.
A customer can install a trial and see if this is something they wish to purchase down the line. You can purchase the software from our sales dept. when your ready.  

1st you need to register your email and download and install the software. Its called


1. Start here...

Sign up or register for a login 1st using your email, then log in and then download the software and get that installed.

Once the trial has installed you will see 2 Icons on the desktop. 

NetNeoStampa Delta (Dark Blue Icon on top)

NetNeoStampa Delta Calibration. (Light Blue Icon on the bottom)

Then open the dark blue icon and at the top will be a serial #.

The next step is to email for an unlock file to authorize the trial.

They will require the serial # from you and the email address used.

They will email you back an .xdat file in which you will drop into the directory for NetNeoStampa located here. (C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 10)

Once this .xdat file is dropped into place in the directory, then use the second icon or light blue icon on the desktop to open the NetNeoStampa Delta Calibration screen.

Select the install the license supplied bubble option, and then navigate to the right location path to the file you just dropped in and hit the apply button. Close the calibration icon. Then you should be able to open the program. You will need to setup the printer type choke and other settings.

Next we need to download the color profiles. 

If you wish please contact us at : and we can assist in getting these color profiles in place for you and setup the printer type ,choke, and color bar settings.

Here are the color profiles to download.

Once the color profile file folder is downloaded copy the Cobraflex folder from the zip file to this location on your PC. (C:\Users\Public\Documents\neoStampa 10\Color )

Open the dark blue icon to open the program and setup the printer. You will be selecting the  CobraFlex Powder Printer.

Once the printer type is installed, open the software and start or create a new job, select

the DTF option and drag down the dupont_color profile choice.

Here is a link to provide extended instructions on IP setup. This will send the file directly to the printer software.

2 Icons Photo

Calibration Icon Open

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