Blue Head Cleaner : Use and Documentation

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In order to bring back color saturation or a lack of white ink overage, you can use the blue head cleaner to

soak and rinse the cap and heads for a limited time only.

If the colors and white are getting lighter, then you can clean and soak the caps/heads
and get them back to firing at 100%. This often means the heads do not have enough ink when printing.

When dealing with heads, its best to make sure the caps are clean on the tops of the caps, and that the
caps are draining correctly. The cap, when sealed, is what pulls the ink through the head. Check the caps
for any rough edges around the rubber lips or uneven wear on one side or the other. If you feel or see this
replace the cap. You could be losing suction.

Place some Blue Head Cleaning solution into the cap ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, overflow the cap a bit.
This will then, when compressed by the capping station, will push the fluid from under the head back upwards
into the head to soak the head.

Send the head carriage back to home .Let stand and soak for ONLY 10-15 minutes in the cap, then do an ink pump or load for 20 seconds to allow for any cleaning fluids to be pulled out of the head . This will also drain the cap of Blue Head Cleaner and then refill the cap and head with fresh ink for printing.

Stop the pump after 20 seconds.
Run 1 weak clean on all heads, then print the CHECK test to see the results.

Maybe repeat this process a few times for better performance as the heads will get cleaner and cleaner

the more times you do this.

If you leave the solution inside the cap when the head is sealed for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time

the inside membrane of the head could be damaged.

The technical documentation of the Blue Head Cleaner is below.

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