Prints Sticking or Peeling Off

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Prints sticking or peeling off.


Room temperature and humidity not in spec for printer, possible heat setting on your dryer.  


Optimal room temp should be around 75 Degree's with 40-50 % humidity. Change the heat settings on your dryer. Your dryer should be at around 90-93 degree's for each channel, Make sure the prints are tacky to the touch. If they are smooth and not tacky the dryer is set to hot. Humidity will effect the drying of prints.  The lower the humidity is, you can adjust the temp down

as required to dry properly.

Another big one is that the heat press your using did not allow for optimal adhesion long enough to stick properly or the temp is too low. For the no powder system, you should be using a Pneumatic Air press as at least 150 PSI for at least 5 seconds. 
360--370 depending on the material used. 

Cotton : Prepress for 20 seconds 1st, then 5 second press of print.

360--370 degrees

Poly : No prepress and 3-5 second press of print.

350-360 degrees

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