How Do I Adjust the Flapper and Duster Speeds on My Dryer

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Sometimes, the flapper and duster speed could be set too high.  The default level for your dial is 15.  This can cause powder to go all over the machine. Your printer's fans/dusters are blowing through the crossbar.  The flapper controls how much vibration the film gets. So if its set to fast, it will just knock off the powder bead. Adjust 
this so that you see even distribution of the powder bead across the film dip area. So we need to lower
the settings down a bit.  

  1. Turn off the flapper first. This way you can see the powder drop
  2. Next, turn the Duster Speed to 0, then slowly increase the setting by 2 at a time.
  3. As you stop on a number say the number 2, you will feel the air blowing from the crossbar at a lower rate.
  4. Look to see that the powder is dropping directly downward and making contact with the film, and is not blowing off the edges. Once the setting is right and you think the powder is dropping correctly, this is the setting to use. Then turn back on the flapper.
  5. Then turn the flapper back on to add a bit more powder to the center of the film. The flapper will then automatically make contact with the film, vibrating the film so that the powder bead should then start to distribute across the film evenly. 

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