Maintaining Your Digital Printer

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  1. Temperature and Humidity:  In order to keep your printer operating properly, you must maintain temperature and humidity on your printer. Under normal circumstances, your printer's temperature should be around 75 F and the humidity should be around 40-60%
  2. Voltage: Your printer should be operating at a stable 220V voltage, frequency 50Hz, if your voltage is unstable, it's recommended to install a voltage stabilizer.
  3. Ground Wire: Your printer must be grounded. To ground your printer, get a thick copper wire (as thick as possible). Remove the insulating film on the surface of the wire at both ends of the wire. Connect your copper wire to the screw that connects your printer to the host computer. The other end of the copper wire should be inserted into the ground at a depth of at least 650mm (approximately 26 in). If desired, you may also connect a copper plate to the wire at the grounding end. Do not connect lightning rods, radiators, water pipes, or other objects to the grounding setup. 
  4. Environment: Your printer should be in an environment that is clean and tidy. Make sure your printer is installed in a room that is dust-proof. Do not have your printer installed in a room with machines that can generate dust such as engraving and cutting machines as this can impact the operation of your printer.   
  5. Keep Print Room Free of Pests: Make sure that the room your printer is in is both rodent-proof and insect proof. If insects, rodents, or other pests enter the machine, they can chew through the lines and leave waste behind that will affect the normal operation of your printer.
  6. Avoid Electromagnet Interference: Electromagnetic interference can cause multiple problems with your printer as well as the host computer connected to it.  Do not have any commonly used household appliances near the printer or the compute, and keep the unit away from any electrical or magnetic fields.  
  7. Keep Your Printing Platform Clear: Objects on the printing platform can inhibit normal operation and interfere with print alignment. Do not place any objects other than printing media on your printer's printing platform.
  8. Debug Your Host Computer: The computer must be debugged regularly to ensure normal operation and to avoid corrupting your print files.
  9. Clean Your Encoder Strip: Every week, you should clean your printer's encoder strip with a dust-free cloth dipped in pure isopropyl alcohol every week while the printer is in the production state. 
  10. Lubricate Your Guide Rail: To prevent it from rusting, lubricate your printer's guide rail once a month.
  11. Clean Your Printing Platform Daily: Every day after printing, please clean the printing platform of your printer.
  12. Avoid Direct Sunlight:   Keep your printer and ink away from direct sunlight as this can damage both your ink and your printer itself.
  13. Be Careful of Airflow: Keep your printer out of the direct path of air vents or fans, particularly your print head.  If the print head dries out, it can cause it to become damaged.  
  14. Be Aware of When You Open Your Ink: Your ink can dry up and become sporadic during printing.  Use all your ink or replace it three months after opening. 

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