Head Status Check for Printer

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This is the head status check which will show you the ink patterns from each the (3) heads.

Conduct a deep clean 1st 

(All heads, followed with the head status test print)

Head status test

• Turn on your deck vacuum with the small knob to make sure paper is down on the deck

  Open the Well Print software

• Check the “color bar” (located just underneath the stop tab at the top)

• Click the “test” tab (located just right of the same stop tab)

• Click the head status from the drop down, this will start the test print.

• When done, feed the paper out far enough to see the whole test print better 

What does the test tell you ?

There are a series of (4) color blocks that print out per each head. Each block will show you each heads current state. Each block defines each nozzle in the head. Every head has (4) nozzles, therefore there are (4) blocks that are printed per each color head.

Starting from the far right block, the blocks print in order of each nozzles color.

What your looking for is consistent blocks that have minimal to no gaps. If you see gaps in the solid blocks, then more than likely one of the nozzles is clogged or blocked up on that head in some way.

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