Unclogging Bottom Lines, Cap, One Way Valve

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It may be that one of the one way valves under your caps are stuck open.
Chances are good the ink has run into the waste bottle.
Here is a video that explains how to remove the covers and get into the bottom
lines that run under the caps. 

There is a one way valve that attaches to each of the (3) caps and vaccum lines.
You need to pinch off any tubes from ink flow from the cap your working on, remove
that valve and let it soak in hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Also, while your doing this, check the current tubes for any clogs. With your
fingers softly pinch the tubes that go back into the vaccum pump. Look for any
clogging or feeling of hard pieces that may be stuck in the line. If debree is
found, clear the lines out, then take your syringe and push water through the
removed valve that you have been soaking, repeating this until the valve is clear
and clean of ink.Then re-attach the lines to the one way valve again the same way
and direction you removed them. Unclip any lines to allow ink to flow again.

Then once its all back together, fill the cap with hot water, use your syringe to
attach to the bottom drain line for white, adhesive or CMYK depending on which head
your working with and pull the hot water through the cap and bottom drain line a few times.

Then run the ink pump again on the head your working on to refill that head and
cap with fresh ink and then check to see if any ink is still leaking from the bottom
drain line after just sitting for a while without running.

If its not leaking anymore the valve is now working properly. If it continues to
leak ink out the bottom drain lines at his point, you will need to order in a new one way valve.

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