Print Head Maintenance

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Print-Head Maintenance

1)After Starting up the machine, please print a test pattern line to confirm the status of the print-heads and ensure they are not clogged printing. 

2)Use 6PASS mode always for printing as much as possible without affecting the work progress, this mode will cause the least wear and tear to the print head. 

3)When the test line is still broken after cleaning for many times, please wait put warm water in the capping station for 10 minutes before doing another clean. 

4)If all the nozzle holes are still not cleaned for many times, please contact cobra flex service or the help desk. 

5)In the production state, try to clean the capping stations and  wiper with a dust-free cloth dipped in cleaning fluid or deionized water every day, and clean the ink around the capping stations around the bottom of the print-head.

6)Check the cleaning condition of the capping stations wiper at least once every day all day. If there are debris such as hairs or dried ink please use tweezers or a dust-free cloth to remove the debris. 

7)Check and empty the waste ink in the waste ink cartridge at least once a week to prevent overflow. 

8)If you don’t use the machine for the time being please keep caps moist, try to turn it on once a day and print  patch to moisturize the print head . 

9)If the machine needs to be moved or the ink needs to be replaced, please contact Cobraflex. 

10)Print a test line before the end of every day to confirm the status of the nozzles and ensure that the nozzles are in good condition 

11)After using the machine every day: first close the software and then shut down the machine, and check whether the print-heads return to the initial 

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