Using a PDF instead of a PNG : Importing Spot Colors

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When it comes to using a PNG file, you must have the Document Color Mode

set to CMYK not RGB when viewing or saving files. Often times artwork can come to you in RGB mode, so your program will default to RGB when opened. Our printer uses CMYK to print colors. You may even see the colors change in the CMYK mode versus RGB mode. Flexi will convert all files to CMYK no matter what.

In Adobe AI you can change this by clicking File on the top tool bar and navigate down the choices until you see Document Color Mode. Change to CMYK then save the art.

Here is a video that will show you how to use a PDF as opposed to a PNG file.

PNG files will often be converted by the Flexi software and may sometimes not 

match well. Flexi uses its own converter that sometimes will change the CMYK values

to better match all colors upon conversion. NOT EVERY COLOR WILL MATCH.

When using a PDF, the spot colors are saved within the color profiles included in your PDF

output. It will save any color chosen from our chart. This chart allows you to copy and paste specific colors and swatches into your artwork.

In order to preserve some certain CMYK combinations on specific colors from a chart or your files you can use a PDF file instead of a PNG file,

When using a PNG file the Flexi software converts the CMYK values of some colors based on the color profile thus changing the output color in some cases. It automatically changes any RGB file into a CMYK format to match the printer. When using a PDF file, your able to save a PDF with color profiles, which then locks in these CMYK values
and does not convert them, thus producing the right color in most cases.

Watch this video to show you how to create a PDF output, choose color chart colors and then use the PDF in Flexi with some minor changes.

Minor Changes.....

1. Blacks in your PDF files must have CMYK values of : C=100, Y=100, M=100, K=100. 
Often times adobe and Corel Draw have a basic Black Swatch called "Black". This is not
a true black when it comes to color profiling and printing. 

It has a value of C=0, M= 0, Y=0, K=100. 
So in Flexi if you do not change this, the artwork black will print as ashy or dull.

2. Whites in your PDF files must have a CMYK value of at least one color, for example
C=1, Y=0, M=0 K=0.  

Often times adobe and Corel Draw have a basic White Swatch called "White". This is not a true white when it comes to color profiling and printing.
It has a basic value of C=0, M = 0, Y=0, K=0 or in other words NO COLOR VALUE at all.

Download Color Chart here

Download or watch video here

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