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CobraFlex Printers LLC

Warranty Terms and Conditions

CobraFlex Printers reserves the right to  make any and all changes to this warranty at any time for any reason.


After purchase, Cobraflex or its Dealers will provide training on proper operations and common practices and a digital user manual or user's guide and training for the proper operation of the equipment listed in this document, hereinafter “Machine”. CobraFlex will train you on proper printer operation of the machine and provide you with a training checklist, maintenance and replacement of consumable parts. Customers not participating in training will void any warranties. 

In addition, Cobraflex will provide Customer with All instructions, in adherence with the proper operation of printer consumables; and proper handling of the end product created by the Machine; it will be the Customer’s responsibility to properly operate and adhere to instructions as well as provide proper handling instructions to the end-user of the products created by the machine. Please see (Section 4, Liability), below.


CobraFlex will provide remote (not onsite) service support for the Machine for “12 months” with an optional “12 months” (with an extended warranty package see your dealer) after the purchase date on printer mechanisms and components covered by the limited warranty. We will try to complete remote service as quickly as possible, (call backs typically within 6 hours). We are not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control, including but not limited to manufacturer’s delays, shipping to a regional service facility or acts of God.

Our support hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm PST emergency and after hours support can be scheduled on the help desk or from Cobraflex if needed and is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. After the “12 or 24 months” purchase date, remote service will be billed to the customer at  CobraFlex’s standard rate. Warranty does not cover any onsite services or travel related expenses to the customer site. 

Customers have the option of purchasing an extended service warranty after the initial warranty expires. Service and support is strictly tied in to use of only CobraFlex approved inks and chemicals for the 24 months. We cannot guarantee the performance of other equipment if we don’t know what chemicals are being run through it for that reason service is billed at our standard rates if a customer chooses to use 3rd party chemicals or products on our equipment.


CobraFlex warrants to the Original Purchaser of the machine against defects in material and workmanship, except for wear and tear, and except for consumable parts for “One or Two Years” from the date of original purchase. During the warranty period, we will substitute, repair or, at our option, replace any parts covered by the limited warranty.

The limited warranty covers 1 print head prorated for 12 months the warranty of the print head does not go against head clogging because of head drying out.

The Wet Cap and cleaning procedure must be used on a daily basis. 

The print head is replaceable once for the first year and coverage ends after 12 (twelve) months. If the head is damaged or clogged due to improper use or head strike on the film, this is not covered by the warranty.

 Full tests on the print head will be conducted and if it’s deemed it’s clogged because of improper maintenance or use or head strike damage, the customer will be responsible for the expenses related to repair. 

The limited warranty does not cover consumable items due to normal wear such as 

dampers, filters, pump/capping stations, ink, ink lines, ink train, encoder strip head carriage and anything that comes in contact with ink or capping station does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, forces of nature or as the result of service or modification performed by anyone other than a certified CobraFlex service Tech. The print head is not covered if the head is damaged by the result of the head surface hitting the media. 

The limited warranty does not cover or provide service support for any defects or damages or failure to the printer or any of its components, accessories ET all, caused by or resulting from: 

  1.  If you will have extended downtime of over 1  week then you must completely flush the printer and leave cleaning solution in the ink path. Although the use of the wet cap system prevents the print head from drying and clogging. The ink has inherent pigments that start to settle all through the printer over time. It is in your best interest to contact us and completely flush out your printer if it will be unused for more than 2 weeks. Failure to flush out your printer will be considered neglect and Improper or inadequate maintenance which is not covered under any warranty.
  2. Improper site preparation or site conditions that do not conform to machine site specifications;
  3.  Improper use or operation outside of the Specifications for the Product;
  4.  Unauthorized modification;
  5. Unauthorized maintenance or repair other than operator maintenance or warranty repair with the help desk 
  6.  Abuse, neglect, improper use or maintenance, accident, fire or water damage, electrical disturbances, loss or damage in transit, work or modification by people other than CobraFlex employees or subcontractors, or other causes beyond  CobraFlex control;
  7. Use of non-CobraFlex media, ink, supplies, and other products;
  8. Customer or third-party supplied software, interfacing, or supplies;
  9. Improper established communication between the machine and the customer's chosen computer. Please refer to the product specifications to fully understand the system requirements of your computer system to adequately run the machine.
  10. Operators not properly trained and certified can cause damage to your printer. Ensure every operator is trained with a training certification on file with CobraFlex. Failure to properly train your users or employees will leave you exposed to damage to your printer that is not covered under warranty.
  11. CobraFlex LLC. has a very professional support staff which is eager to help you and we want to keep it that way and fully support our staff. We adhere to strict abuse policy on any type of abuse or threats. If you abuse your support person with foul language, cursing, threats or some other harm we reserve the right to cancel your service and all warranties in this document would be voided.
  12. 12. Moving the equipment. If you move the equipment and do not notify CobraFlex or its dealer your warranty will be voided immediately you must follow a proper shut down and start up.


CobraFlex, its affiliates, subcontractors, suppliers, subsidiaries or agents are released from any liability in connection to, consequential, incidental or special damages, including but not limited to: damages for bodily injury or harm caused by the printer, damages for bodily injury or harm caused by operation of the printer and or use of consumables (i.e., adhesives powders or ink), damages for bodily injury or harm caused by the end product created with the printer and, or the consumables ( i.e., white inks adhesives, cmyk or fluorescent ink), loss or damages to the property of the 

Customer, facility proprietor or the end user of the products created by machine, damage or loss due to improper adherence to all supplied instructions, loss of use, loss of business, downtime costs or loss of profits. , charges for time and effort, damages relating to Customer's procurement of substitute products or services (i.e., "cost of cover"); or damages for loss of data, or software restoration, or any other legal theory. CobraFlex does not imply a warranty on our products for any particular purpose; it is up to our users to fully identify and test to ensure our products are right for you never sell or book product until 10 days after installation.

5.Return Policy 

After ink is put in the Machine there are no returns.   We do have a DOA on defective parts We have a DOA (Dead on Arrival) period of 10 business days after installation starting when the customer signs off on the printer  This means that if the product you purchased dies or parts fail we will cover shipping ground shipping to replace product or parts. After 10 business days, the customer is responsible for the shipping charge per the warranty agreement.

It is the customer's responsibility to get the parts back to CobraFlex Printers safely. The warranty does not cover parts damaged in shipping due to inadequate packing.

6. Disputes and Attorneys Fees

If a dispute arises between Cobraflex (including but not limited to Cobraflex’s employees, owners, Dealers, affiliates, subcontractors, affiliates, supplies, subsidiaries, and agents) and a purchaser of any machine or supplies, attorneys’ fees are only recoverable by the prevailing party. If the purchaser fails to succeed on any claim in contract or in tort, purchaser shall be responsible for the attorneys’ fees and costs of Cobraflex (including the attorneys’ fees and costs of Cobraflex’s employees, owners, Dealers, affiliates, subcontractors, affiliates, supplies, subsidiaries, and agents).

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