Maintenance Method of Digital Printing Machine.

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  1. Temperature and humidity: a constant temperature and humidity must be maintained, under normal circumstances, the temperature is around 75 F and the humidity is around 40-60%
  2. Voltage: machine operating voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, if the voltage is unstable, please install a voltage stabilizer 
  3. Ground wire: The machine must be grounded. Connect the copper wire as thick as possible to the screw connecting the machine and the host computer. The insulating film on the surface of the copper wire should be scraped off. The other end of the copper wire should be inserted into the ground at least 650mm, and if possible the copper plate can be connected. Do not connect lightning rods, radiators, water pipes, and other objects 
  4. The environment is clean and tidy: the room must be dust-proof, and cannot be placed with machines that are prone to dust such as engraving machines and cutting machines 
  5. Anti-rodent and insect-proof: If insects enter the machine to bite off the line and pee, it will affect the normal operation of the machine 
  6. There should be no commonly used household appliances near the machine, keep away from large magnetic and electric fields 
  7. Don’t place objects other than printing media on the machine's printing platform
  8. The computer must be Debugged regularly 
  9. Encoder: Clean the encoder strip with a dust-free cloth or a dust-free cloth dipped in pure alcohol every week in the production state 
  10. Guide rail: Lubricate the guide rail once a month to prevent rust
  11. After printing every day, please clean the printing platform of the digital printing machine 
  12. Air conditioner or electric fan: Don’t blow directly to the print head Keep the machine and ink away from direct sunlight. The ink should be used up within three months after opening 

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